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Avison Aviation develops and supplies innovative cloud based resource planning applications to airlines for airline crew, including its world leading Crew Leave Planner and Crew Bidding applications. The apps are available on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

By using our vast user experience in the commercial aviation sector, hiring developers with a wide array of technical skills and backgrounds and partnering with forward thinking innovative airlines we have developed efficient, user friendly applications.

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The Avison Platform

Live Stats Anywhere

The Avison Business Intelligence cloud-based application collates data from multiple applications and data sources within your organisation. The data is presented in dashboards with drill-down functionality that can be accessed through your PC intranet, your tablet, or smartphone.


Avison Crew Leave and Bid App

The Avison Crew Leave and Bid App is an extremely versatile and user friendly application enabling the company to automate its’ leave and duty bid function at the same time providing crew with a fair bidding process.

  • Restrict number of leave lines.
  • Works with any airlines leave policy.
  • Fully automated bid as per leave rules.
  • Crew bid for multiple slots.
  • Crew balances and history in real time.
  • Crew can amend, delete, swap.

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