The future of business intelligence presented by a businessman clicking on BI with surrounding hexagon fields

Using business intelligence is absolutely key to maintaining efficiency throughout airline operations. In many cases, airlines have been slow to adopt tools that allow them to use this data effectively, instead opting for the outdated Microsoft Excel stalwart. Making sense of complex data can be difficult when done manually, and it’s that bit more challenging to spot trends, inefficiencies, or opportunities. There is a better way.

The Avison Business Intelligence cloud-based application collates data from multiple applications and data sources within your organisation. The data is presented in dashboards with drill-down functionality that can be accessed through your PC intranet, your tablet, or smartphone.

Our servers also have machine learning capability and, utilising Artificial Intelligence, provides your organisation with predictive data results ensuring your airline flight operations or ground handling division are predicting issues and not reacting to issues.

Making sense of data in this way allows you to plan for delays or crew sickness before it happens…. Saving your organisation $Ms.

Avison Business Intelligence Software enables you to use complex information in a better way, informing business decisions and improving the performance of your organisation.